Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Busy Days Ahead

I can tell that Christmas is getting closer because I am getting busier and busier. I am beginning to feel the hustle and bustle.

Whew...Friday is going to be very busy! First of all my sweet, sweet baby girl is going to be 9 months old on Friday. My, how time flies!!! So, she has her 9 month well-check appointment Friday morning, picture appointment in the afternoon, and our Sunday School class Christmas party in the evening. It makes me tired just thinking about it all. Oh...not to mention the fact that at some point I need to prepare Christmas cards to be sent out SOON!

Thankfully, I have completed almost all of my Christmas shopping AND it is wrapped. I am still waiting on some items that I ordered online (thank God for internet shopping).

Saturday, we are heading to Rock Hill to Terri and Tylers' house for lunch. I am excited to see their house decorated for Christmas and Mollie is excited about seeing her favorite aunt and uncle.

This past Saturday we took Mollie for her first visit/encounter with Santa. She was not very impressed, but we did manage to get a couple of pictures.


So pitiful with her lip stuck out : (

Sweet Baby!


kelly said...

Aww! How cute!
And I love the outfit! Where did you get it?

Terri said...

We are VERY excited for y'all to come up and have lunch with us, too!! Can't wait to see sweet little Mollie and all of the new things she is doing!! She's my favorite baby in the whole wide world :)

Megan said...

Hi, Kelly! The outfit is Bailey Boys. I got it off of ebay.

Natalie Kellett said...

Have a Merry Christmas!!!

Natalie Kellett said...

Hey megan. i hear your great news from Terri. I'm very excited for you. you will do great. Listen, my parents had three kids in three years. somehow she did it and i know you can!!! ill be praying for you though.