Friday, March 14, 2008

Time Flies!!!!!!!!!!

My baby is ONE today!!! Such a wonderful milestone, but yet sad at the same time. Where does the time go? It REALLY seems like yesterday that I was in the hospital holding the sweetest gift given to us straight from the Lord. What a miracle! She is such a blessing to us.

Tomorrow will be her Princess Party that we will be celebrating with family and friends. I am anxious to see how she does with her cake. I REALLY hope I don't get emotional when everyone sings "Happy Birthday". My pregnancy hormones have been getting the best of me.

I'll post pictures later from her party! Have a great weekend!!!

The day we came home from the hospital

Monday, February 25, 2008

Here we Grow Again!

Yes...I know, it has been FOREVER since I have created a new post. I haven't felt up to much of anything lately. My symptoms are fatigue, nausea, some vomiting, mood swings, etc. YES, I am PREGNANT, again...13 weeks to be exact!

It was VERY shocking! We found out on New Year's Eve. Needless to say, we are very thankful, especially after all of the issues we had conceiving Mollie. No, we were not trying, it just happened this time. I know it is God's will. So...we are going to have two children 18 months apart!!! Whew! That makes me tired just thinking about it, but I know our God doesn't give us anything that we can not handle!

By the way, my sweet Mollie is going to be 1 year old on March 14th. I can't believe it! She is soooo sweet and crawling all over the place, babbling (some are actually words), and trying to pull up on everything.

There is not a lot to blog about right now. Because of my extreme fatigue lately, we haven't really done a lot so there is not much to say. I am sad that I don't have any pictures to post either, but I WILL do better because if I don't my sister will be on my case!

Hope everyone is doing well. Please check out Jenn Tousey's blog, A New Day (even if you don't know her) and please pray for her special request. God Bless!